Coronavirus and the Scriptures

I review just recently, about a group of people who became lost in the wildest area of the jungle, as well as were in wonderful danger. The leader of the group bravely suggested that we could hope. To which, somebody responded ‘oh, no, has it come to that’?

Normally talking, whenever the term prayer is mentioned, it creates petitioning words to God. And also, of course there is absolutely nothing whatever incorrect with this favorable method. Accept, after we’ve put out our ‘immediate’ petitioning words there is this regarded delay period, of waiting for God to assess matters, consider up the facts and then react in some way to our words.

Yet, there are several fantastic verses in scripture with regard to our total problems which direct our focus to that of quiet petition activity.

The Bible further advises us of the need to be healthy and balanced in every element of our Being– of mind, body and soul – that all three aspects are to be functioning harmoniously. The Holy bible is greater than a great work of spiritual understanding for the mind to muse over, for mental comfort or ego satisfaction.

But, with regard to the here and now danger to human wellness, where does the Scriptures provide straight functional help in our protection versus the coronavirus?

It’s time currently to actually extend the Scriptures’s interpretations past narrow piousness and also literalism, and increase its analysis right into general physiology-relating areas. I suggest, when the scriptures were being assembled– by the discovered of the day– they too have to have been faced with ‘plagues’, or viruses of that period.

So, in this context, in biblical language, where especially does it tell us just how we may deal efficiently with the scenario that now endangers the well-being of the private soul around the world? Where in the Holy bible can we count on with assurance beyond requesting words.

For being stunningly evident, I’ve selected first, Ephesians 6-11-16 and later on, Matthew 25:40 -45 as prime certifying instances relates to defense against coronavirus.

“So placed on God’s Armour Now” Ephesians: 6-13

Regards coronavirus, connecting esoterically to these chosen scriptures is of miraculous value, in fact, it’s essential!

Ephesians 6-11 more states: “put on all the Armour that God provides you, to ensure that you will certainly have the ability to stand up against the adversary’s evil methods”.

And also once more Ephesians 6-16 “in all times carry confidence as a guard; for with it you will certainly have the ability to produce all the burning arrows shot by the evil one”.

When we reviewed “placed on ALL the Armour that God offers you”, and also, ‘place on God’s Armour now’, just how does all this after that fit, in connection with coronavirus?

Actual analysis of these scriptures do not offer the immediate help demanded around the world, however, esoterically, they do, as we shall see soon.

At this moment, we need to introduce the word antibodies. For, when we broach God’s complete Armour, this Armour is describing reinforcing our body immune system which makes up antibodies referred to as immunoglobulins or immune blood cells. These antibodies are the miracle workers which carryout God’s work within the physical body, as well as have done so for countless years BC.


The enemy to a healthy and balanced immune system essentially is persistent stress and anxiety: unrelenting tension is public enemy number one to the body immune system. Putting on God’s Armour for that reason initially includes combating stress and anxiety and also eliminating it from our system. We do this by turning on the circulation of serotonin – the pleased hormonal agent– in the brain, which, while doing so, creates an increasing number of antibodies to prevent any kind of infection entering our body. Without a healthy-functioning body immune system, the body, and all its healthsome workers, the antibodies, are entrusted to the ravishes of the antigens.

It’s these antibodies, the good guys, or immunoglobulins, which ensure against the antigens, the bad guys, from diminishing or weakening our immune system.

The following knowledgeable makes this factor much more clearer.

Matthew: 25-40 “Since ye have done it unto among the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”

This scripture is really the greatest knowledgeable for assistance relates to today international circumstance. It has actually constantly attracted me. As well as a lot more interesting is that much of this information was considerably stated so long ago by the terrific Socrates, and likewise by the old enlightened Rishis of India, from where much these days’s Christianity stemmed.

The obvious and most compelling concern is: who are ‘the least of these my brethren’? Genuinely this is ‘the’ most vital concern.

The solution

‘ the least of my brethren’ are the atoms, the particles, the cells, in the body.

The atom is the smallest system of matter as well as preserves all the chemicals of an aspect. Hence, the atom can be referred to as pure energy-matter. A common atom contains protons, neurons, and also electrons.

The atom can not be ruined yet only transformed. In other words, our entire energy-physicality field can go through adjustment from a lower vibratory state to a higher vibratory state, yet can never be ruined.

Currently, certainly, there are many fine morally-based factors for respecting other individuals who might be much less prosperous spiritually, emotionally or perhaps economically, than ourselves. That goes without saying. We don’t require a scripture to remind people that – it’s in our DNA.

Thus, the words ‘the least’ as well as ‘brethren’ are recommendation to the private atoms as well as molecules, the molecular/ cellular framework that make up the body’s undestroyable everlasting power force pattern.

Without healthy molecular/cellular development, certainly, we can not know healthy and balanced physicality. As well as, with this mind-physicality dynamic, any type of activity which triggers ‘brethren’ or atom/molecule/cell suffering and decline from ideal performance, is equivalent to our doing unto our very own internal Christ, which possible Christ expression lives within each atom/molecule/cell.

Any kind of ignorance-induced lifestyle which avoids healthy and balanced atom expansion right into coming to be a spiritually functioning device, is doing unto the least, or, we doing unto our very own Christ within. We do this unknowingly as well as spectacularly by lowering the standard of our neuroendocrine system and its involvement in creating healthy and balanced immune cells in the body holy place.

Matthew 26:44 -45 certifies this unintentional actions a lot more incredibly. “Then they will answer him, when, Lord, did we ever see you starving or parched, or an unfamiliar person or naked or ill or in prison, as well as would not assist you? The King will reply, I tell you, whenever you rejected to aid one of these least crucial ones, you refused to assist me.”

In other words, it’s during the stillness of meditation, when transcendental silence is potently to the fore, that each of ‘the least’– the atoms, cells, particles– become nourished, showered and towel in immune stamina, subsequent of a divinely-empowered Thymus gland and also its outpourings of fully grown antibodies right into the blood circulation.

What Matthew 26-40-45 boils down to is a lesson in quantum physics, and is particularly associating with the neuroendocrine system, or the glandular system. This scripture is nothing concerning the literal-religion teachings the majority of us have been brainwashed right into believing.

As clarified below in Matthew, the focus currently worldwide gets on the need to enhance immune-cell activity into the body.

Structure Resistance within

While the Armour of God likewise consists of faith, such confidence, obviously, has to be created over time. Therefore, for many people, the growth of spiritual confidence is seen as long-lasting, therefore is not particularly easy for some at this time. For taking care of coronavirus today, several want an instant useful strategy, service, one that works efficiently at the atom/cellular/molecular level. But, obviously, in practicing the method I’m about to reveal, one’s confidence– from whatever culture or generation we’re sharing with – will automatically be turned on.

Thus God has actually unconditionally provided ALL individuals, in ALL generations, the ALL for virtually handling important health and wellness problems. These viral occasions occurred often times in background in the past, and also is why they’re pointed out in bibles.

The God-Given Approach of attaining a healthy immune system

This, naturally, is not a medical overview, undoubtedly. Rather it’s the build-up of spiritual data base on my own reflective experiences and Self-revelation understanding of the bibles from their useful point of view.

The practical means, therefore, of dealing with the here and now globe circumstance, is daily meditation. Meditation basically is seated yoga exercise additionally known as Raja Yoga exercise, definition, ‘Royal Union’. But don’t obtain caught-up in these fancy detailed titles. It’s the method as well as results that matter completely.

Repetitive daily meditation liquifies stress and anxiety, which subsequently permits production of additional crucial antibodies. Which consequently feed on away any foreign intruder( s) antigens which may be thinking about taking up residence in our body because of the invite-nature of recurring tension. To put it simply, do not make our body appealing to antigens by keeping build-ups of deep stress and anxiety caused by unresolved emotional problems as well as incorrect life-style options. Therefore avoidance eliminates the requirement for remedy.

Commonly referred to as the ‘drifting mind’, hence a healthy working body immune system knows just to deter, disarm and also destroy any type of foreign intruders (antigens) from entering our body– properly and efficiently.

To better strengthen the immune system, the body, in meditation, produces Development Hormone from the pituitary gland. This naturally-occurring process decreases with age, for this reason the requirement of reflection for its continued important manufacturing.

The Method as well as exactly how to do it

To start, sit on a chair. Start with a few left-right alternate nostril breathing: breath in through left nostril and out through right nostril, breath back in through right nostril and also out breath again via left nostril – complete concerning 3-4 reps over a two-minute period. In yogic terms, this is called pranayama. This technique helps generate tranquility while additionally oxygenating the mind cells.

Remaining seated, currently, with hands facing upwards, thumb and also forefinger joined conveniently, bring the recognition lightly between the eyebrows. Do not force an experience. Just park the awareness right here for now.

When feeling resolved, repeat the scriptural word: Ma-Ra-Na-Tha quietly and also calmly to oneself. This mantra merely implies ‘come holy spirit’. The concept is only a means of quietening the mind, it does not have any other function whatever.

If the mind wanders– as well as it will, this is regular– time out for a couple of seconds, after that calmly, without hurrying, bring the recognition back to the rule and also recommence thinking/hearing the mantra quietly within. Repeat this short-lived ‘time out’ after each ‘mind drift’. This, with method, deepens the introspective experience.

Begin with a minimum of 10 mins per session building up to twenty minutes twice daily. Make this a day-to-day regimen of our life.

With repeated method, the brain/body devices – specifically the Thymus gland– come to be learnt generating additional quantities of fully grown antibodies for which to attack and deactivate ANY virus from entering our inner territory. And also, if we can meditate 3 times daily, fine, this will certainly even more increase antibody production from the Thymus gland – also referred to as T-cells consequently. Therefore we have the methods currently of re-enforcing the immune system also greater against coronavirus.

Progressively, as we progress with our daily meditation, a feeling of spiritual growth, of development, starts to emerge within consciousness. An understanding, that, yes, none of these infections can really touch me currently. The Armour of God is absolutely on and also my immune system is coming to be invincible! The the very least of my brethren are now dancing and smiling joyfully in praise and also thanks-giving!

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