Agar agar Food Grade (China Grass).

We are the biggest Producer & Merchant of AGAR in India suitable for different applications in Food, Confectionary, Microbiology, Pharmaceuticals, Society media, Biotechnology & Plant Tissue Culture. We produce food quality Agar in Powder & Strips form having gel strength varying from 700-1200 GM/CM ² with ISO 22000: 2005 & ISO 9001- 2015, Halal, GMP, HACCP, Kosher Accreditation & FSSAI Permit.

Currently the business has a manufacturing capability over 350 M.T per year. Marine Hydrocolloids has actually ever since introduced several other products like Wonder Gel, Plant gel, Agarose, and so on
. Today Marine Hydrocolloids is the only exporter and also market leader of high quality Agar in India. We are the exclusive vendor of Agar to numerous MNC’S as well as additionally to 90% of the business tissue society laboratories in India and numerous leading labs throughout the globe. We export to South America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, UNITED STATES, Far East, and Australia.
We likewise have retail packaging for agar strips & powder being provided to major retail electrical outlets in India and also abroad.

Our Key Products:.
Bacteriological Quality, Agar Food Grade (China Grass) as well as Strips, Pharma Quality, Plant Tissue Culture Quality, Plant Gel (Gellan Gum), Wonder Gel (Spreadable Agar Agar), Agarose, Culture Media Contents, Chitin as well as Chitosan, Carrageenan, Sodium Alginate, Xanthan Gum Tissue.

Food Quality:.
Agar is used as a thickening representative in low calorie marmalades, jams, processed meat products, bakeshop fillings, icings, prepared soups, ice-creams, and so on and also as a gelation agent in doughnuts, low calorie marmalades, jams, jelly candy, fruit yogurts, acidified creams, cheese, desserts, custards, flans, fruit treats, whipped fruit pulp, etc. Agar can also be made use of in spreadable products like honey, butter, peanut butter, jam products like honey butter, peanut butter, jam items.

Bacteriological Quality:.
Agar Agar as a society media is widely made use of for virtually all pathogenic as well as nonpathogenic germs as well as fungis because it is hard to metabolise as well as has a great gel firmness, elasticity, quality as well as security. Because of its high gellifying power and its veggie beginning, Agar makes up a natural non-toxic matrix for the formation of society media in Microbiology.

Pharma Quality:.
Agar Agar works as a laxative. When moisturized, it supplies a smooth, non-irritant bulk in the digestion tract. It is additionally made use of in preparation of emulsions, suspensions, pills as well as suppositories in medical lubes and as a putting on hold representative for Barium sulphate Radiology.

Plant Tissue Culture Grade:.
The major application of Agar remains in the area of plant cells culture. The expanding rate of interest in cells culture as a conventional technique for the proliferation of orchids as well as other ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits and other farming products.

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